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College admissions officers acknowledge the importance of high school research. They perceive that the very act of building such extensive projects speaks to a student’s passion, perseverance, intellectual capacities, and the ability to handle challenges.

For the most selective colleges in the US (such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford), achieving national-level honors and awards in a variety of competitions—such as research, serves as a definite competitive advantage.

Participation in independent research also can benefit your intellectual growth, as well as your success in college admissions, whether or not you plan to pursue a STEM-related career,

Research offers an exciting opportunity to be creative in exploring scientific problems in new ways, strengthens your problem-solving abilities, and exposes you to potential career options. Focused research is also an excellent preparation for most college courses, which require independent analysis of primary source material. In turn, admissions officers recognize the enormous commitment of time and energy needed by sustained research and highly value high school research.

High school students have the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM fields through independent research with the help of our instructors at Tokyo Coding Club.

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Suitable For Young Engineers Who Are:

  • Applying for College
  • Complete Beginners 
  • Excited To Create Technology

By the end of this course, students will complete an independent research paper for college application purposes. On special circumstances, students are also able to publish their research papers at international conferences with the help of their private instructors. 

What is Tokyo Coding Club?

Tokyo Coding Club is a platform where students meet engineers in their field of interest. From beginners STEM programs which includes programming, robotics and even animations to advanced programs like independent research, our instructors are highly capable to give guidance on STEM regardless of age.

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