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  • This program offers a kid-friendly, intuitive, innovative approach for learning programming  and robotics.
    Using popular games such as Minecraft and AI-powered toy robot such as Cozmo to microcontrollers such as Arduino.
  • Students learn the digital literacy that helps them to understand and innovate with the programmable systems around them.
  • Students will improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills by simply solving coding challenges throughout this program.  

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Suitable For Young Engineers Who Are:

  • Ages 7 – 18
  • Complete Beginners In Programming & Robotics
  • “Builders” And “Hackers” 
  • Excited To Create Technology
  • Curious About How Technology Works Around Them

Students looking for opportunities for tech skills development or to pick up a new pastime can find STEM stimulating Tech classes here at the Tokyo Coding Club.

Classes We Have:

  • Python Programming with Minecraft 
  • Python Programming with Cozmo
  • Java Programming
  • Game Development with Python 
  • Robotics With Arduino
  • Custom Projects
  • Many More

*Students are allowed to rotate tech classes to further challenge, inspire and excite them.

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