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Tokyo Coding Club welcomes students and families from Tokyo American Club to the #1 Awesome Tech School in Tokyo! 

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Tokyo Coding Club will organize a STEM demo session at TAC in January. Beginning January, we propose to organize clubs and after-school STEM programs. Our service is inclusive of learning materials, software licensing/subscription, system maintenance and guidance from our industry-professional tech instructors.

About Us

Tokyo Coding Club provides coding, robotics, 3D modeling, and research project mentoring services to students of all ages in Tokyo. Our services consist of private and group STEM classes, after-school programs, instructor dispatching, STEM education consulting. Our industry-professional tech and digital art instructors will guide the children of Tokyo American Club members, building on their interests from robotics to coding, animation, and vlogging. Students are free to explore and pick their interests. To ensure a safe online environment, students will have access to our exclusive, private Minecraft server. Students can make new friends while tinkering with others.

Featured Tech Instructor Profiles
Abbi H.

Abbi has a Ph.D. in Robotics at Imperial College London. Currently a robotics engineer in Japan, Abbi also has extensive experience tutoring kids & teens during his university years. He has 6 years of robotics hardware/software design and development at a Japanese robotics firm, 2 years of postdoctoral research in medical and mobile robotics at Tokyo University and Chiba Institute of Technology & 5 years of work as a private tutor to high-school and college-level students in math and science.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Tokyo University. He has extensive experience in programming (Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development- Minecraft & Roblox), where he worked on multiple projects, including building a Soundcloud for Indie Music. He participated in the prestigious FIRSTRobotics World Championship twice and led his high school’s robotics team to become the world champion after that.

Christopher P.

Christopher has been a freelance animator & illustrator for the past 10 years. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Austin with a BFA in Media Arts & Animation. Specializing in graphic design, motion design, 2D animation, and illustration, he has 10 years of professional work experience with companies, with Mentos JP being one of them. While living in Asia, he has also taught at multiple schools and currently works as a designer and teacher at a newly opened international school in Setagaya, Tokyo. In his spare time, he teaches animation to students.

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