Our coding club is excited to host an in-person summer camp right here in Tokyo! This will be a great opportunity for students to not only learn new skills but also make new friends and have lots of fun. Some of the highlights include hiking, visiting famous landmarks, and of course, spending time coding and learning about technology. In addition, we will be providing all campers with everything they need to continue coding after the camp is over. We hope to see you this summer!

Dates: August 14 – August 19 (6 days overnight)

@ the APA Hotel Nishi-Azabu


105,000 yen (without accommodation) + tax

165,000 yen (with accommodation) + tax

Registration for TCC Tokyo Camp

Campers are typically between ages 7 and 13 years old.

Absolutely! After signing up, parents will be asked to complete a short Child Safety questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you will be able to request specific roommates for your camper.

English primarily,
July 24th onwards will have more dedicated staff who can handle instruction in Japanese (to be confirmed)

No prior programming is required. The instructors will base lessons and student projects of all levels together.

All STEM materials will be provided by our course instructor.
Please come with indoor and outdoor clothing, hygiene products and a big smile.
Full packing list will be made available once your child(ren) have signed up for the summer camp week.

Yes, they are able to sleep together as long as the rooms are dual occupancy and no other students occupy the room.

Yes, please let us know on the registration form. At the check-in point, we will collect your child’s medication, and ensure that he/she taakes it as directed. If medicines or creams require refrigeration, we can arrange this.
If your child can manage his / her own medication, that is also fine

We will do our best and can almost always accommodate your child’s needs. please dont’ forget to let us know at the time you register, so we can consult with you and make any advance preparation needed.

For anything beyond a minor issue, we will contact you as quickly as possible. In the case of mild injury or illness, we will provide appropriate care on site and continue to carefully monitor your child’s condition. In the event that medical attention is required, we will take care your child to the nearest appropriate facility, and of course will communicate closely with you.
If your child cannot continue to participate in camp, or poses an infection risk to others, we may ask you to pick him / her up from camp.

We’re ready to support your child if he / she is missing home. Not only will we listen to their feelings and reassure them, but we find that most kids soon get over these feelings as they make friends and get involved in the many fun activities. In fact, we hear more about parents feeling ‘kidsick’ than students feeling homesick!

If you would like to cancel your camp order, please send a cancellation request via the Camp Cancellation Request Form link. Your cancellation date will be the date you submit this form.

We will refund your camp fee to the credit card you used at time of camp registration. Please note cancellation charges will be applied in accordance with following cancellation policy, and the refund will be made excluding the cancellation charges.

【Cancellation Policy】

Cancellation 30 days or more prior to camp start date: 100% refund – handling fee

Cancellation 7 days prior to camp start date: 50% refund – handling fee

Cancellation 24 hours prior to camp start date: No refund

(Camp fees consist of transportation and other fees.)

*Cancellations will be processed within 30 business days. The actual timing of refund to your credit card depends on your credit card company’s policy.

Please see here for a link to our TCC summer camp terms and conditions.