Tokyo Minecraft Club For Ages 7+

Participate in activities such as Minecraft hunger games, holiday events, and competitions on a server run by Tokyo Coding Club.

Free Event

From 4-5:30pm on Saturdays, play rotating matches of games for free on a server run by Tokyo Coding Club.

The server is moderated live by a Tokyo Coding Club tutor to maintain operational status, fairness of play, and online safety of the players. You can be sure when your child games with us, they are gaming in a safe and fun environment.

Requirements: One paid Minecraft account per child. If your child does not have a Minecraft account, one can be loaned (limited numbers).

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a battle royale, last man standing game mode based on the popular young adult series The Hunger Games. Players load into a server, receive a random item, and must survive to be the last player in the game. It is one of the most popular game modes in the bestselling game worldwide.

Hunger Games 2.0

A giant boss spawns during the game at random. Players must learn to work with others while ensuring their own survival.

Hide and Seek

In a flat biome the ‘it’ person goes into a dark room for 1-3 minutes while the other players hide. The seeker has a weapon and ability to kill the hiding players. Hiding players will be weaponless. The seeker must find all players within a certain time limit. The seeker who finds the most players in the given time may have their player name honored on the Wall of Fame.

Treasure Hunt

Players (individually or in teams) set out to be the first to find the treasure and while being challenged with random unassuming traps, mobs, and monsters spawning randomly

Tower Defence

  • Option 1: Players are defenders and an admin spawns monster/animal mobs in waves to attack their line(s) of defense .
  • Option 2: Players are defenders and attackers .

Capture the Flag

Two teams each have a fort and spawn points on both sides of the forts. The flag is hidden amongst other items in each team’s fort. The teams have to protect their flag while also trying to grab the other team’s flag and bring it back to their base to score a point.

Arena Fight

Players have to work together to overcome waves of mobs.

Kill the Enderdragon

Sandcastle Contest

Does my child have to be enrolled in a class to play?

Our sessions are open to all and class enrollment is not required. However, if you and your child are interested in one of our programs, check out our courses and request a free tiral. We offer both in-person and virtual tech lessons.

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