Turn Your Kids & Teens Into A Coder, Roboticist, Digital Artist Or A Video Producer

Have them being taught by proud and respectable engineers from reputable companies and institutions.

Be inspired to code, make a robot, create a digital masterpiece and even your own youtube channel.

Tokyo Coding Club helps young aspiring engineers/artists to first turn tech/digital arts into a great hobby.

And then, turning consumers of the internet into creators and builders of the future.

Don’t know where to start? Call us at 03-4510-6178 and our customer service executives will assist you in choosing the right activities here at the Tokyo Coding Club.

We believe in the idea of awesome technology education for your children’s future.
Our mission is simple, to create mind-blowing tech experiences that inspire students to create the future.

Our Tech Instructors Are Alumni/Graduates/Employees From The Companies/Institutions Below:

Fun Activities For Ages 7-18